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Leading expert in liquid crystal alignment film printing

Komura-Tech is a pioneer of alignment film printing in the LCD panel industry. Komura-Tech’s high-precision flexographic printing plates, refined with its original technologies, have long held the largest global market share.
Due to changes in the times and technological innovations, the level of quality required by customers is constantly increasing.
In addition to further honing its high-definition flexographic printing plate technology as its core technology, Komura-Tech will pursue research and development with a view to applying the results to other fields.

High-level quality control through a combination of
time-honored craftsmanship and the latest equipment

In 1980, Komura-Tech was founded as a company that developed, manufactured, and sold flexographic film printing plates and special printing plates.
Since its printing plates were adopted for the alignment film coating process in the rapidly expanding LCD industry, Komura-Tech has grown with electronics manufacturers in and outside Japan.
Printing plates are such delicate products that they are said to have “a life of their own.”
Simply installing the highest specification equipment is not enough to maintain the quality that will satisfy your customers.
The excellent quality of our printing plates is a combination of the latest equipment and skilled workers with elaborate craftsmanship who have inherited the experience and technology that we have accumulated since our founding.
We will continue to offer solutions to our customers’ issues by leveraging our wealth of knowledge and original know-how.



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