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Production Base

Production base that brings together advanced equipment and technology

Located on a site of approximately 5,200 m2, Komura-Tech’s production base has a huge clean room of approximately 3,500 m2 and state-of-the-art mass production equipment. In the best possible environment and under a carefully designed system, products of excellent quality are produced. The production base also has a variety of experimental equipment essential for advanced research, and daily efforts are made to further improve product quality and functions and develop new technologies toward the next generation.

Production BaseProduction Base

Integrated in-house production to ensure high levels of quality and security

Komura-Tech has established a system for start-to-finish production of all products with the equipment installed in its own factory. This system allows us to maintain a high level of product quality, and we always meet diverse market needs with consistent quality. This integrated production system also enables us to achieve strict security management and build highly reliable business relationships. We are also committed to reducing environmental impact, for example by reducing the amount of liquid waste generated in the production process, introducing wastewater treatment equipment, and promoting recycling.

Production Base
  • a. Advanced plate-making equipment that supports up to eighth-generation LCDs
  • b. Washer that reliably removes resin off large printing plates
  • c. Length measuring machine that accurately checks the precision of finished products



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