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From Higashiosaka, Japan, we continue to support the distribution of entertainment and other video content around the world.

Since its founding, Komura-Tech has held the largest global market share for alignment film printing plates used in the LCD manufacturing process.

We produce LCD production materials and supply them to LCD manufacturers around the world. Our products are essential to everyday life, although they may not be noticed by many people in their daily lives. All of our employees take pride in providing the world with beautiful, clear images of entertainment and other video content through our liquid crystal alignment film printing plate technologies.

We manufacture negative films with micrometer precision in our clean room and, using those films and photosensitive resin, we produce printing plates with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our excellent product quality is maintained by a combination of the latest equipment and the craftsmanship of skilled workers who have inherited the experience and technology that we have accumulated since our founding.

Aiming to be “a company that grows with employees who are rich by heart and that is chosen by customers for its one-of-a-kind technologies,” we will always take on new challenges and create value.

Please look forward to what the continued growth and success of Komura-Tech will bring.

Tatsuya Suzuki, Representative Director and President



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